Sunday, August 14, 2011

Earth Conscious

This week, the designs are all about earth friendly products. This post offers an array of various furniture and decor items that are green AND stylish. Eco-friendly design doesn't mean that it has to be brown, paper, and ugly. It can be stylish, chic, and good for one's conscience. 

So, to begin, here are a series of light fixtures made from recycled wine bottles. The light bulbs have been placed inside, while the bottom has been removed. Not only are these interesting, they are also functional and sustainable.
"Blog." Kardol Design. Web. 14 Aug. 2011. <>. 

These visually stimulating pieces are made entirely of wood waste material and come rather inexpensively. The use of line and form show up in these pieces, as does texture. It appears to be rough in some places and smooth in others.Hunting, Amy. "A Line of Eco Design." Interior Warrior. Web. 14 Aug. 2011. <>.

 Lastly, I present a chair made entirely from corks! This was crafted and bonded together from wine corks and is full of texture and color. I imagine it's fairly springy too.
"Cork Chair." Green Home Design. Web. 14 Aug. 2011. <>.


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