Monday, September 12, 2011

Curvy Furniture

This week features some super curvy furniture. From bookcases to sofas, this stuff is pretty interesting to the eye, if not impractical.

First up is this bookcase. It is clearly very tall, as it is shown in scale next to a fully grown man. I like how it seems to wind up the wall.

Next is this chair, which seems highly uncomfortable but has very interesting aesthetics nonetheless. My concern would be that I would fall out of it.

This couch looks like it just swallowed this poor man. I have to admit though, I love its organic flowing lines.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Interesting Furniture Design

This week, I've chosen some interesting (if not plain weird) pieces of furniture for your viewing pleasure. Although these are odd and quirky, they have to be admired for their creativity and marvel of engineering.

I admire this piece for the mere fact that it combines a bookshelf, bed, and desk all in one. That being said, I would not ever, in a million years, want to sleep on this thing. That ridge just looks ridiculously uncomfortable and one's feet would be hanging down. No thank you.

This sink is actually incredibly impressive. Not only is it uniquely shaped, it actually functions. My peeve with this is that I have a hard time imagining brushing my teeth with this thing.

Good concept. Absolute and total eyesore.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach House Furniture

In honor of the beach house project, this week's inspiration post is all about beach house style. From sofas to chairs, paint to wallpaper, this post is full of summer spirit.


 I love the colors and hues in this room. The contrast of stark white against deep blue is interesting. I am especially fond of the painting over the fireplace.

This ceiling structure is very interesting. The loose yet structured forms is a focal point of the room. I love the large windows that allow for natural light.

The footstools are a very appealing geometric pattern with bold colors. Also, the Eames chair is a nice touch.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Earth Conscious

This week, the designs are all about earth friendly products. This post offers an array of various furniture and decor items that are green AND stylish. Eco-friendly design doesn't mean that it has to be brown, paper, and ugly. It can be stylish, chic, and good for one's conscience. 

So, to begin, here are a series of light fixtures made from recycled wine bottles. The light bulbs have been placed inside, while the bottom has been removed. Not only are these interesting, they are also functional and sustainable.
"Blog." Kardol Design. Web. 14 Aug. 2011. <>. 

These visually stimulating pieces are made entirely of wood waste material and come rather inexpensively. The use of line and form show up in these pieces, as does texture. It appears to be rough in some places and smooth in others.Hunting, Amy. "A Line of Eco Design." Interior Warrior. Web. 14 Aug. 2011. <>.

 Lastly, I present a chair made entirely from corks! This was crafted and bonded together from wine corks and is full of texture and color. I imagine it's fairly springy too.
"Cork Chair." Green Home Design. Web. 14 Aug. 2011. <>.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Funky Furniture

This week the topic is funky furniture. I've found a few quirky, yet fun pieces that I think reflect interesting line and shape. These items reflect youth, creativity, originality, and dimension. I hope these are enjoyable.
"BRUEHL." Trendir. Web. 7 Aug. 2011. <>.
These lotus chairs are not only colorful, but the shape of them is spectacular. The curvy lines and odd proportion make them highly appealing to the eye.

"Kid's Furniture." This Old House. Web. 7 Aug. 2011. <>.
This kid's furniture is not only funky, it's cartoonish. Any child with this for a dresser is bound to think they're in Wonderland.

"Tree Bed." Ifurn. Web. 7 Aug. 2011. <>.
Lastly, I love this bed. The fact that the designer removed the regular four posters and turned them into trees is just amazing. I also adore the tiny bird's nest at the very center atop the branches.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Art Deco Week

This week I have been rather interested in Art Deco. I'm not really sure why, but I've been obsessed with the era. Therefore, here are a few pieces that have Art Deco elements in them that I went crazy for.

These utterly brilliant double sided couches? LOVE!How great are these? Also, the neutral color palette creates unity and cohesion amongst the pieces. Seriously, can I live here??

"Faberge." Artsyle Online. Web. 1 Aug. 2011. <

And this lovely room setting, complete with C-couch and light fixture makes my day. It's so bright, reflective, and open. I wish my living room could look so good. Just the warmth that this room evokes is magnificent.
"Art Deco Interior Design." Interior Design For. Web. 1 Aug. 2011. <>.

 "Art Deco Kitchen." Home Interiors. Web. 1 Aug. 2011. <>.
Wow.! This kitchen is breathtaking. From the focal light fixtures, to the smoothness and unity of the room,even the pale blue with windows make this space amazing. The only word I can come up with to describe this space is...WOW!

Lastly, my favorite room of them all, the Art Deco bedroom. Black & White is always so  

classic and chic. You can never go wrong with that. I love the texture of the headboard and how the  

"Art Deco Bedroom." Home Interiors. Web. 1 Aug. 2011. <>.
vertical lines make the room appear to go on forever. This is just simply marvelous.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The News of the World

Today, I give you odd and funky designs that are culturally inspired.First off, here is a rather unique and Asian inspired bookshelf. It's made from cardboard and is in the shape of the Yin-Yang. I love the circular idea for a bookcase.
"Cardboard Furniture." FresHome. Web. 20 July 2011. <>.

"Sergio Chair." Elite Choice. Web. 20 July 2011. <>.
Next with Chinese inspiration, we have the Sergio chair. The yoke is highly exaggerated and the chair itself sits low to the ground. This is definitely a dramatic piece and is bound to be the focal point of a room, despite its short height.
Shangrila China. Web. 20 July 2011. <>.
This piece is also Chinese inspired. The geometric shapes mixed with the creme and purple makes for a pleasing sight.I love the metal feet on these pieces, I feel like it ties the whole look together.

Friday, July 15, 2011

First Blog of Space Planning!

I have recently embarked on a new class. In my space planning class, I am required to update my blog with pictures that inspire me, much like my intro class did. Therefore, here are a few pictures of things that have inspired me this week.
 (courtesy of
These funky mushroom stools are rich with color and shape. I love the smooth texture of them all, which is a contrast to the bumpy mushrooms in nature. Overall, I just find this piece to be interesting and unique.

(Courtesy of
I also really love this piece. The unusual shape and form play with the eye and create harmony.